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My grandmother used to say that people always carry the feeling of the first encounter with someone and that therefore it is vital to show the best version of yourself. Well, you would certainly agree that the first impression is always a significant moment, certainly in business relationships. Would you also agree that more and more of today’s acquaintances are made online? LinkedIn suggestions for instance or your email signature with a photo. Or even just the “let’s-keep-in-touch” part means basically messaging via social and professional networks.

What really matters

„Trust“ is one of the few essential things in life we all long for. It is one of the first things we feel as a baby. It is the thing why we like to hang out with some people rather than others. Wouldn’t you agree with us that you can reduce all businesses made in general but especially online comes down on trusting the other person? If you don’t agree, ask yourself if you would buy something from a shady looking website or person? Same counts for Linkedin, Facebook and all other Social Media. Trust makes us wanting to connect and open up. This is were we as Lux Branding jump in to assist you for your professional goals in branding yourself. Boosting your market value. No matter if you are a student about to applying for your first job in a big Corporation, or a big corporation itself trying to outperform your competitors. See, the magic lies in presenting your professional side with authenticity and confidence.

What we are proud of

Most of you found your way to our website via a friend or coworker who told you that we did a good job! In fact that is very important to us. We want all our customers to either be happy with the outcome of the photo shooting or to receive their money back. So far, all of our customers were more than happy with their photos. We are proud to say that no-one wanted his or her money back. We are absolutely eager to deliver top quality pictures that shows our clients in confident, professional, and authentic posture.

What our customers say

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